DSC00602.JPG - Version 2I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 10th June 2014, a week or so before my 39th birthday.  Rubbish.  Without some of the blogs I read in the time just afterwards I would have been a lot more clueless, frightened and lonely.  As I start chemotherapy I want to share the things I pick up along the way, as loads of other people have done, in the hope that at 3 o’clock one sleepless morning someone else might find the comfort that I did.  (And when I’m not picking up my phone, it’s also somewhere for my friends and family to come…sorry everyone.)

I live in Gloucestershire after spending the last 30 years slipping slowly down the M5 from the Black Country.  The titles of these posts are all songs you can listen to on the mynewchemicalromance playlist on Spotify, here, or to the right of the screen (if your settings allow, and sometimes only if Spotify is already open).  Some of the posts are marked ♀, which means that the male readership might like to skip them for fear of whatever it is that happens to them when girls start talking about periods.

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  1. Hi Chloe,

    I just wanted to thank you for following my blog yesterday. I read your entire blog last night and it was absolutely fascinating to see another persons journey through Chemo. Thank you for sharing it.

    It’s early days for me (Treatment 2 of EC) and I have not reached out to anyone else with breast cancer, as I know each of our journey’s are so different and I don’t want other peoples stories to freak me out. But it was nice to get a glimpse into your challenges with the drugs and the system and finding wigs and dealing with hair loss and wanting to go out to events etc. It was very interesting.

    Best of luck with the surgery… I have all that to come once Chemo is finished later this year. But I’m looking on the bright side – I don’t have Ebola and I may get a better ‘rack’ out of it! Boys dig those! 😀


    • Hello Liz!

      How smashing to hear from you – I have just gone through your blog from the beginning and it’s so interesting to read your story. I broke a limb before this all happened, too, so can relate to how you feel!

      It sounds like you are being looked after super well although they clearly need to sort out their out-of-hours care, it’s not good enough for you not to have a helpline. Have you talked to them about it? You really don’t need that stress!

      It’s great you’ve got such a healthy lifestyle anyway and even better that you’re managing to keep it up while all this is going on. Have you talked to your oncologist about taking multivitamins? I only ask because mine asked me to bring all of mine in so she could check there was nothing that would interfere with the chemo drugs. It’s weird but there are some things they don’t like you taking, so it might be worth checking in.

      Much love – will look forward to following your path. You have got a great attitude and this will undoubtedly help! Keep it up, keep laughing and being honest and you’ll be out the other side before you know it.

      Chloe xxxx


      • Hi! Thanks for your reply. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog.

        Yes, I did ask them to sort out the ‘out of hours’ thing. But when I was in A& E that night I saw a lot of drunk ‘time wasters’ so I figured the guy on reception that answered my call and sent me packing, probably gets a lot of those too… I suggested that they give us BC patients a password! Then at least he will know we are the serious ones! What a donkey!!

        I did take my ‘Animal Pak’ supplements in with me to my Onc. just before I started Chemo but she’s the Master of Sitting on the Fence! Every time I ask her a question about nutrition or exercise or even the side effects of the drugs, she just says – take them if you want, exercise if you want and the side effects are different for everyone. It’s SO frustrating, and I don’t know why I bother asking… SO… if you know something I don’t about the supplements – please let me know!!

        Everything I’ve read so far on the internet on the cancer sites is the same though. No one really knows if supplementing helps or hinders. I’m feeling great during the low part of this cycle (the no immunity bit) and have managed to swerve a sinus infection – so maybe the supplements are working?!

        I met a Nutritionist on Monday – she is only one of two in the whole of the UK that specialize in Breast Care patients nutrition. She was happy for all of us to contact her so I might do that. Just to make sure I’m not harming myself. On another note – I am about to start juicing. It’s a far better way of getting nutrients into your body – and the vitamins and minerals are much better than the tablet form. I’m just looking into organic produce and the costs at the moment – oh and the best juicers!! My bank account will be cringing. :/ Roll on pay day!!

        The books that the Nutrionist have put out are pretty good if you’re interested?

        This one is for people going through Chemo:


        This one is specifically for Breast Cancer Ladies:


        I’ll be looking in on your blog from time to time Mrs… so keep it up and don’t despair. You have a lot of fans out here. 🙂
        Big hugs.
        Liz x


  2. Morning Chloe,

    Just thinking about you. How are you feeling? I hope the side effects are minimal and you’re not suffering too much.
    So pleased that this is your last one. Lots more to go through but at least this horrible bit is done with.
    I forgot to tell you, before I even looked at your ‘Musik’ I already had the Grease 2 song stuck in my head after reading your last post!
    Can you please try to incorporate a post that you can use ‘Cool Rider’ with though? That was always my fave. I want to call the actress ‘Michelle’ but I know thats not her name…The main actress in it, she was also in Batman Returns… Whats her bloody name? Anyway, she was a babe and I wanted to be her! Michelle Pffiefer!
    Look after yourself.
    Sending you loads of love.



  3. I love the idea to use song titles for post titles…I thought of using movies quotes for a while but realised I couldn’t sustain it! Thanks for the follow and hope you are coping well.


  4. Hello Chloe
    I received a notice today that you are following my blog. I’m flattered!
    I notice that we are essentially the same age (I am currently 39, diagnosed just after turning 37).

    Please feel free to contact me if you have questions/concerns that I haven’t addressed in my blog. Otherwise, I wish you all the best; a little bit of laughter everyday, good sleep, and the will to face what ever lies ahead.

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  5. I just wondered if there was anything posted from when you first got diagnosed but post op is great for me as that’s where I am right now (wanted to read something to relate to) It’s crazy how when you find something like this, you’re like “ME TOOOO!!”
    It makes you feel less alone.

    Thanks for writing your blog. It really does help.



    • You’re right, when you really find someone going through similar things it’s amazing. I’ll think back and do a couple for the diagnosis and afterwards. Really hope you’re doing well, lovely to know it has helped even a little bit xxx


  6. Hi Chloe,

    Was your first post in July? I’m trawling through and the earliest one I’ve found is July. If that’s your first, then I’m set. Will enjoy reading through these tomorrow (tonight I’m going to watch Purge 2 and try and take my mind off this Cancer rubbish)



    • Hi Di, lovely to hear from you.

      My first post was in July, a few weeks after my operation. I was going to backdate some posts but it all seems so far away now, if there’s anything to write about from then I’ll do it another day. Really hope you’re doing well, I’m enjoying your blog you strong woman! XXX


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